Kiosk-Mouse-Maple, Algonquin Park

September 28-30, 2007


It’s almost a week after getting back from this Algonquin Park trip and my body has finally stopped complaining.

Being the parent of a young child, the opportunity to go paddling doesn’t come along as often as it used to. So when Irene said, “you should take a weekend and go canoeing,” I didn’t know what to do. After agreeing heartily of course. Was the rarity of this event a reason to go all out, or a reason not to? After all, I haven’t really had any exercise in almost two years.

So I kind of went down the middle.

This is the report from a three day trip starting from Algonquin Park’s Kiosk access point, looping through Waterclear, Mouse, Erables and Maple Lakes. There is a narrative, photos and even GPX data.

The readers digest version:

Thanks and acknowledgements

To Irene who sacrificed a lot so that I could mess about in the woods for a few days. To Mallory who missed me and said “Dada boat” all weekend. To Algonquin North Outfitters for having the good sense and good taste to have a light weight solo flatwater boat in their fleet.

Usual warnings

This is not an advice site. I am not an expert. Nor — it seems — am I a friend to the common red squirrel. If you even imagine doing this sort of thing, be very very afraid. I can’t even count the ways a little slip up or a bit of bad luck on this trip could have ruined my weekend or my life come to think of it. This site won’t equip you or train you to set out into the interior of Algonquin or any park or wilderness area. But there are lots of people and organizations who can. Get their help before you go.

Geek update

I have fixed reported problems with the images by swallowing my pride, and chucking my “homegrown” javascript solution in favour of Lightbox.

Trying to be brave

Trying to be brave Pretending the rain I'm feeling isn't bothering me. How'm I doing?

Maple Lake

Maple Lake Spunky the Squirrel, chowing down beside my unsuccessful trap.

Sunset, Maple Lake

Sunset, Maple Lake With (disappointingly quiet) loon.